La Fhéile Bride

Celebrations on several accounts: it’s been two years to the day since I embarked on this ambitious, slightly mad but riveting project to visit every holy well in County Cork; this is my 100th blog and it’s St Bridget’s Day!

There are potentially at least 356 holy wells in County Cork and I am now 240 wells in!  It seems appropriate with the day that’s in it to post a few of the wells dedicated to St Bridget that I have already visited. A rich assortment indeed. It would be traditional to visit these wells today, pay the rounds and take some water home to sprinkle on the house/children /animals to ensure good health for the coming year.

St Bridget is of course one of the patron saints of Ireland, second only to St Patrick. Her base is Kildare where there is a handsome cathedral and a very attractive well dedicated to her. This is the Christian Bridget; there may well have been a much earlier goddess of the same name for her feast day coincides with the great Celtic Celebration of Imbolc: the heralding in in of the light and the first day of Spring.

Today the sun is shining, the super Moon lit up the skies last night and the daffodils and snowdrops are flourishing. I even had a go at making a Bridget Cross  – seriously difficult.

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