Tobairin Mhuire, Kealkil

IMG_2190South of the old graveyard of Kilmocomoge (signed from the road as Lady’s Well) is the still much revered and beautifully kept Tobairin Mhuire – the little well of Mary. The site is enclosed in blue and white railings and there are some jaunty blue seats looking up towards the statue of the BVM which gazes down protectively from her white illuminated niche, snakes at her feet.The statue was erected in the Marian Year of 1954, ordered by Pope Pius to increase the faith and devotion to the BVM. Many statues and grottoes were erected during this time but I think this statue is especially attractive.  The white marble plaque informs:

Erected by the people of Kealkill and the surrounding district in honour of the immaculate Conception of Our Blessed Lady.

8 December 1954.


Below her is an impressive collection of niches surrounding the small well, all containing statues, offerings and rosaries. A colourful array of cups invite you to take the water, which is clear and cold. This site, on the edge of the stream, has such an otherworldly feel to it, a tranquil place just to sit for a while.

Rounds were traditionally held here on the 15th August, Lady’s Day or the Feast of the Assumption and I believe Mass is still celebrated here on that date.


The old church and graveyard is also worth a wander around, so very peaceful.


The location of this site can be found in the Gazetteer.

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