Tobernanore, Sheep’s Head

IMG_0010Clearly signed from the road (look out for the Ancient monument symbol on the gate) this well lies in a magnificent position with views out over rich pasture towards Dunmanus Bay. The site feels remote and open, yet the well is hidden and tucked into the landscape. The first time I came here, it was difficult to find – just a scattering of stones and a muddy puddle. The next time I came the stones had been tidied up and an attempt made to define the well.


More recently the site has been restored – the well is now a square stone trough, above it a neat stone wall with little niches.  Bits and bobs found during the restoration have been left in the the cracks of the masonry.

The well is enclosed by a circular wall with a small gate. Stone slabs make access easy. Perhaps a bit too manicured but time will weather it and at least it now has protection from cattle and some recognition.



Tobernanore means well of the cold spring and the water is excellent – fresh and cold – a handy saucepan is in one of the niches should you be feeling very thirsty.

20160203-IMG_0647160203Apparently the water was used to cure warts and other skin ailments.

The location of this holy well can be found in the Gazetteer.

4 thoughts on “Tobernanore, Sheep’s Head

  1. Ali Isaac

    How wonderful that someone has restored it! I love the rugged rustic look of it, it has great atmosphere, and I also love that it has no statue presiding over it. Great views too. 😊



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